Almonds: What They're Good For

Almonds: What They’re Good For

Almonds: packed with calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, iron, and are said to be the most nutritional nut out there. Throw them in salads, smoothies, or yogurt for a healthy boost.

Have a headache? Eat a hand full of raw almonds and feel your headache subside.

Difficulty producing breast milk? Almonds are shown to help boost milk production.

Roast with tamari for delicious tamari almonds.

They are also a great snack to throw in the kids’ lunch bags.

Love almond butter? We do. So much so that we go through a jar every week, so we decided to try making our own:

Using a Vitamix , blend 2 cups of raw or toasted almonds until almost creamy. Add a drizzle of light extra virgin olive oil or water to help cream the mixture, plus salt.

Optional: add a few sugar dates to make more kid friendly.

This makes 1 cup of almond butter.

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