Blueberry Chia Smoothie

Blueberry Chia Smoothie

This is an antioxidant rich and fiber filled smoothie the kids will love. A great way to hide the greens in the morning!

Blueberries: packed with antioxidants and vitamin C, perfect for getting through the colder season

Banana: high in fiber, aids in digestion and is good for blood sugar. When eaten ripe, they become alkaline which is great in helping to balance the pH of the body, since most people tend to be acidic.

Spinach: a nutrient dense food high in many vitamins and minerals

Dates: we just read an article recently stating they help with labor. Check it out here.

Coconut milk: a great vegan option including B and C vitamins

Chia seeds: high in fiber, omega-3, and antioxidants!

Almond butter: a great source of protein and a healthy alternative to peanut butter, as it is easier to digest. See Almonds: What They’re Good For for more.

Lemon: another alkaline food once ingested and helps aid in digestion.

Figs: high in fiber, but are just oh so delicious!

This smoothie was delicious and filling; a perfect option to bring to work or school with you and your kids. Enjoy!


  • 1 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1-2 large frozen figs
  • 1 very ripe banana
  • 1 large handful fresh spinach, washed
  • 2-3 dates, pitted
  • About 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 T chia seeds
  • 1 large scoop of unsalted almond butter, optional
  • splash of lemon juice, optional (adds a nice tang)


  1. Blend everything in your blender until smooth. Add more milk if necessary and blend until consistency is right.
  2. Top with chia seeds and/or blueberries and enjoy!

Serves 2 adults or 4 little ones